About Host

Arbra QT is the CEO/Director of Arbra’s Retreat and Wellness Center; A Radio Personality and Wholistic Living Coach.  Arbra has interviewed some, 300 plus, wholistic health professionals, scientists, shamans and healers on her previous radio show, ‘Naked Soul’.

Arbra sees this relentless state of confusion and the uprising of so many ism’s, as setting the stage for positive change.  This is a time to shed indifference and complacent attitudes and embrace  new ways of solving old problems.

Her philosophy and work are centered around an ancient concept of empowerment—the idea that self-knowledge (understanding who you are) is the basic of all power. This provides an opportunity for an individual to act in accordance with his or her own ‘creative intelligence’, to affect change rather than acting to external conditions.

Arbra is a wholistic lifestyle advocate, worked as a Drug Rehab Counselor and has conducted many workshops and retreats.The purpose of the Wholistic Living Radio Show is to create new self-images and lifestyle.   A better U makes a better world.